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Tech Execs Share Job Hunting Advice for the Rest of 2022

Leslie Stevens-Huffman June 27, 2022 Yes, tech unemployment ticked up (slightly) in May. However, technologists with in-demand skills and a strategic approach to the job-hunting process still have a great chance of landing an amazing job. Tim Crawford, CIO strategist and advisor for AVOA, says what we’re seeing in the marketplace is a “Great Reshuffling,” which actually […]

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The 10 biggest issues IT faces today

Economic, market, and worldwide turbulence continue to reshape the CIO agenda as priorities shift mid-year. By Mary Pratt Contributing writer, CIO  JUNE 20, 2022 MangoStar Studio / Getty Images CIOs are used to rapid change. New technologies hit the market, existing ones evolve, business needs change on a dime, staff comes and goes. All that together, though, […]

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The do’s and don’ts of negotiating a raise

The following seven tips, tactics, and strategies will help you get your employer to yes when you ask for your next increase in pay. By Christina Wood, Contributing writer, CIO  JUN 13, 2022 Shutterstock / fizkes These are turbulent times. More than 40 million people left their jobs last year. And they did not sail off into the […]

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Will the Great Resignation Drive Jobs to Drop College Requirements?

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights May 31, 2022 Some technologists don’t go to college, for a variety of reasons ranging from cost to scheduling. But will that harm their ability to get a tech job? New data suggests that companies are adjusting their requirements for new positions, often focusing on skills and experience in place of […]

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How to Tell If a Potential Employer Shares Your Career Values

Leslie Stevens-Huffman Dice Insights May 23, 2022 The latest Dice Salary Survey shows that technologists not only value salary and benefits when evaluating a job offer, but also values that are harder to pin down, such as creativity, meaningful work and work-life balance.  How do you know when a prospective employer shares your values? And why does […]

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How to Spot Good (and Bad) Recruiters in an Age of Remote Work

How can you find a recruiter who has adapted and remained relevant with all the recent changes to the hiring process? Leslie Stevens-Huffman, Dice Insights May 16, 2022 When you’re searching for a new job, you want to work with highly effective, knowledgeable and personable recruiters. How can you find a recruiter who has adapted […]

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10 ways to recession-proof your IT career

With inflation and other global factors increasing the risk of recession, savvy IT pros are reconsidering their approaches to work to ensure career prospects in uncertain economic times. By Paul Heltzel, CIO  MAY 9, 2022 Sasha Stories / Lorado / Getty Images Tech leaders are known for planning ahead, and many are watching the state of […]

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11 ways to kill your IT career (without knowing it)

In the fast-paced world of tech, complacency can be a career killer. So too can any number of hidden hazards that quietly put your career on shaky ground. By Paul Heltzel, CIO May 2,2022  Gadini Crafting a successful IT career that keeps you engaged, satisfied, and growing is a balancing act. Stay too long with one […]

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How To Find a Fun Job

Learn how to decide if a job is right for you BY ALISON DOYLE, Balance Careers  April 18, 2022 The average U.S. worker spends about a third of every weekday at work—that’s 7.6 hours a day, 38 hours a week, and about 1,900 hours a year, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.1 Given […]

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7 traits of indispensable IT leaders

Irreplaceable IT leaders share several common characteristics. Acquiring these traits can put you on the fast track to long-term career success. By John Edwards, Contributing writer, CIO April 11, 2022 Getty Images There’s no better type of job security than indispensability. Once an IT leader is regarded as essential by his or her employer, recognition rises, colleagues […]

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