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Our team works with you to fully understand your experience and career goals. We pride ourselves in making the right “match” ensuring we have exceeded both clients’ and candidates’ expectations.

We will be here with whatever you need and wherever your career takes you.

To better serve you, we work very closely with our clients and get to know them. We learn what the company’s objectives are, what their work environment is like, and their ultimate mission as a corporation. We become partners with them so that you can be certain that we are presenting you with a position within a firm that is suited for you!


References from Past Candidates

Krishna, Senior Quality Assurance Lead
“A team of true professionals, who knows how to treat and respect their employees. They have a very good reputation in the industry.”

Jill, Quality Assurance Analyst, a major manufacturing company
“I have only been with the company for a little over a month, but so far everyone has been wonderful. In our initial interviews, I had the impression that they knew their client and were trying to find a good fit for them and me. Other companies I have worked with, both as a client and consultant, just seem like they are trying to fill a position with anybody who is available. LRSolutions is more concerned with ensuring that the candidates are qualified and that they are filling the position with the right person. Any time I have had questions or needed anything, everyone I have dealt with has been very responsive. They don’t make you feel like you are bothering them, and everyone has been very friendly and helpful.”

Christine, Project Coordinator
“Contacting LRSolutions for job placement was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I was called for an interview with a company within two days of submitting my resume. What really impressed me was the follow-up at the job site with the contracting management and the employees LRS placed there. They want to ensure it’s a good fit for the company and the employee. The owner even took us to lunch and inquired about what we, as employees, would like LRS to add or how they could make things better for us! They continue to stop in periodically to see how things are going and share feedback with us. The staff at LRS is so personable and work hard for their employees. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Jennifer, Quality Assurance Analyst
“LRS knows not only her job of recruiting and placing people, but has a real understanding of my job and how things work in an IT environment day-to-day. I was laughing with her about how frustrating it can be when recruiters are just looking for buzzwords rather than the overall skill set. But you guys get it! My first contact was with Nicole and she sure did hustle to get everything set so I could start at the company. I have to say, you really have a great team!”

Mary Ann, HR Generalist
“Luckily, I was unemployed for a very short period of time! I owe it all to LRSolutions! Because of their great sales ability and awesome customer service they were able to identify the PERFECT POSITION. An interview was immediately scheduled and I received an offer with a great company. My past employment has been in the Staffing business but with the help of LRSolutions I was able to find a job in Human Resources as a Recruiter! I am confident that it could not have been done without their help. I am very appreciative to LRSolutions for their PROFESSIONALISM and QUICK turnaround!”

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