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8 secrets of successful IT freelancers

IT freelancing can be an enticing and rewarding part- or full-time occupation, but only the skilled and persistent survive let alone thrive. By John Edwards, Contributing writer, CIO  NOV 28, 2022 Rawpixel IT freelancing offers multiple benefits, including flexible working schedules, location choice, engaging assignments, diverse clients, and an opportunity to apply one’s talents in several different […]

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Tech Jobs See Remote Work Declines. Is This a Trend?

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights November 21, 2022 Is the remote work revolution losing steam? That’s a critical question for technologists everywhere, many of whom got used to working from their home offices over the past few years. However, a sizable percentage of managers and executives want technologists back in the office; for example, in a new […]

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6 Things to Remember When Prepping for Remote, Hybrid Work

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights November 14, 2022 Over the past few months, numerous reports and surveys have suggested managers want their teams back in the office—if not full-time, at least for a few days per week. Other data makes it clear workers really want hybrid and all-remote work. Data from CompTIA’s monthly jobs report makes it seem […]

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IT’s most wanted: 11 traits of indispensable IT pros

Looking to hire (or be) the best? Here are the intangibles that make top IT performers stand out. By Paul Heltzel, Contributing writer, CIO  NOV 7, 2022 Thinkstock The skills that make some IT pros invaluable can be hard to put your finger on, but tech leaders say the high-performers on their teams share similar traits that […]

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5 Ways to Avoid a Technology Career Crisis

Leslie Stevens-Huffman, Dice Insights September 29, 2022 If you’ve been feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with your career, you’re not alone. Some 80 percent of tech professionals are looking for a new job, according to a survey by Blind.   But these technologists aren’t quietly suffering: More than half said they’d applied for a new job in […]

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24 mistakes that make hiring IT talent harder

From failing to align hiring with business objectives to insisting on brand-name experiences, IT leaders too often put their organizations at a disadvantage in today’s tight talent market. By Mary Pratt, Contributing writer, CIO  OCT 24, 2022 Thinkstock Demand for tech workers remains high, with no signs of easing up. The proof is in the numbers: 319,652 job […]

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What IT will look like in 2025

Forward-thinking CIOs are mapping out three-year plans that anticipate newly mainstreamed tech, blended teams, democratized IT, and more emphasis on integration, orchestration, and business results. By Mary Pratt, Contributing writer, CIO OCT 17, 2022 Thinkstock Today’s CIOs need to be more than strategic, they should be visionaries, too. With that in mind, many are already looking ahead and […]

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6 Ways to Blow a Job Interview Without Realizing It

Leslie Stevens-Huffman, Dice Insights October 10, 2022 Hiring managers are constantly on the lookout for technology job candidates who have not only the right technical skills, but also a professional presence. If you’re applying for a new position, you might not know what a hiring manager actually expects, which could leave you unable to meet […]

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14 ways to advance your IT career

Technology careers may have no set paths, but there are a few time-honored truisms that can help you get an edge. Here, seasoned IT pros lend their hard-earned advice on advancing. By Paul Heltzel, CIO  October 3, 2022 Thinkstock Perhaps your tech career feels like you’re treading water, and you wonder why your peers are progressing […]

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6 Myths About Hiring Freezes That Could Hold Your Career Back

Leslie Stevens-Huffman, Dice Insights September 19, 2022 In the past few months, dozens of startups and major tech companies have announced hiring freezes and other cost-cutting measures. But do companies really treat hiring freezes as absolute? The reality is that not all hiring freezes are created equal. Behind closed doors, hiring managers at financially stable companies are […]

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