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4 Ways to Keep Your Job Search Going in a Turbulent Economy

Leslie Stevens-Huffman, Dice Insights March 13,2023 While the overall demand for technologists remains high, some companies are preparing for a possible recession by reprioritizing projects, reallocating budgets and resources, and deciding which roles to hire for. How can you keep your job search going in turbulent times? Here are some ways to keep moving forward. Identify Mission-Critical […]

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What’s Holding Tech Job Seekers Back?

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights Feb 28, 2023 Why do people choose to jump jobs? And when they finally decide to make that leap, what’s the biggest obstacle holding them back? CompTIA recently explored these questions as part of its latest Job Seeker Trends report. It found that, for most job seekers, a combination of factors drove […]

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7 Tips for Requesting a Raise in 2023

Leslie Stevens-Huffman, Dice Insights February 11, 2023 The average tech professional salary increased 6.9 percent between 2020 and 2021, reaching $104,566, the highest ever recorded by the Dice Tech Salary Report. Despite this, almost 48 percent of tech pros still think they’re underpaid. However they felt about their paychecks, only 26 percent of Salary Report respondents negotiated […]

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3 Tips for Resume Writing in a Recession

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights Jan 16, 2023 It’s the start of a new year, and you know what that means: time to update that resume. How can you tweak your resume (and other application materials) to meet the needs of a dynamic, often uncertain market? For starters, keep in mind that the longtime rules of […]

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The 10 most in-demand tech jobs for 2023 — and how to hire for them

From cloud engineers to developers to security pros, the battle for the best IT talent wages. Here’s what to look for (and what to offer) when hiring for the 10 most in-demand IT jobs for 2023. By Sarah K. White, CIO  JAN 9, 2023 2:00 AM YinYang / Getty Images The ongoing tight IT job market […]

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10 IT resolutions for 2023

IT leaders have big objectives for the upcoming year, from driving their organization’s missions to delivering continuous improvement. By Mary Pratt, Contributing writer, CIO  JAN 3, 2023 Shutterstock / ovchinnikova_ksenya This past year was another pivotal one for IT, with IT leaders learning new lessons for implementing value-oriented IT initiatives and establishing thriving workplace cultures against the backdrop of […]

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What to Do If Layoffs Impact Your Tech Job

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights Dec 27, 2022 During periods of economic uncertainty, your employer may unleash layoffs. That’s always a scary moment, especially if you’re one of the employees laid off. However, a “soft landing” is definitely possible if you keep some key tips in mind. If you’re swept up in layoffs, you’ll likely find […]

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IT leaders face reality check on hybrid productivity

Once an organizational boon, hybrid work productivity is on the wane. Many CIOs see more time in the office, new leadership skills, and streamlined collaboration offerings as part of the answers. By Stacy Collett, Contributing writer, CIO  DEC 19, 2022 Fizkes / Shutterstock CIO Ted Ross believes the honeymoon is over for breakneck productivity when it comes […]

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7 Cybersecurity Trends for 2023 to Watch Out For

Dice Staff, Dec 12, 2022 As tech and cybersecurity professionals know, one year can make a huge difference. While 2022 started with a technology employment boom, by the end of the year many of the big players (including Meta, Microsoft and Amazon) had started to pull back on hiring over concerns about the global economy, declining ad sales, inflation […]

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How to Prepare for Layoffs Before They Happen

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights December 5, 2022 The headlines seem dominated by layoffs, with tech giants such as Meta and Amazon slashing thousands of jobs. Meanwhile, executives at organizations large and small predict a recession in the future—possibly leading to further cuts. Whether or not you’re feeling vulnerable, now’s a good time to prepare for […]

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