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5 Ways the Great Resignation Can Boost Your Tech Career

Leslie Stevens-Huffman, Dice InsightsOctober 18, 2021 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we’re in the midst of a “Great Resignation,” with 4.3 million additional people quitting their jobs in August. What’s more, nearly half of the tech employees we surveyed said they were likely to find a new job in 2021. Can times […]

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5 Key Tips for Technologists Figuring Out a Hybrid Work Schedule

Nick Kolakowski Dice Insights October 11, 2021 Organizations everywhere are figuring out how to best re-introduce technologists to the office. Many team leaders and executives have settled on a hybrid work schedule, which means that technologists will split their week between working from home and heading into the office. Still other companies have decided to let their employees work remotely […]

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4 Tips for Better Networking in an Era of Hybrid and Remote Work

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights October 4, 2021 Whether it’s virtual or in-person, networking remains a critical component in not only landing your first job, but also for nearly every job after that. Like anything else, networking is a skill that can be learned and perfected over time; in career growth opportunities alone, few skills can serve you more effectively the long term. […]

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7 Interview Questions (and Answers) About Your Remote Working Skills

Leslie Stevens-Huffman September 20, 2021 If your goal is to continue working from home permanently, even after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, you should be ready to answer questions about your remote-working skills, resources and even your home office set-up the next time you interview for a job. For example, an effective member of a distributed team […]

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7 signs your IT training sucks

A skilled IT staff can mark the difference between proficient operations and failure. Beware the warning signs of training programs that won’t create the IT expertise needed for long-term success. By John Edwards CIO | SEP 13, 2021 Thinkstock In today’s rapidly evolving IT world, having a highly trained staff is as important as taking advantage of the […]

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13 most difficult-to-fill IT jobs

By Johanna Ambrosio Contributing writer, CIO | Sept 7, 2021 The lineup of toughest IT jobs to fill hasn’t changed much since last year, but one new factor might ease the situation in the months to come. Thanks to the work-from-home phenomenon, more people are now available for jobs that were once restricted to a candidates from a specific […]

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Back to business, but not back to normal

The pandemic exposed the myth that the “normal” workplace worked. IT leaders have an opportunity to do better for diverse employees as they chart their paths to the future of work. INCLUSION, INC. By Elizabeth Stock, Contributing writer, CIO | AUG 30, 2021 D-Keine / Getty Images As our lives collectively continue to stabilize after being upended by COVID, business […]

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Employee retention: 10 strategies for retaining top talent

Remote work has made competition for tech talent fiercer than ever, which makes retaining talent a CIO priority. By Sharon Florentine and Mary K. Pratt CIO | AUG 20, 2021 Pixabay (CC0) Employee retention is fast becoming a key competitive differentiator. A company’s ability to hold on to its talent — especially in tight hiring markets — has profound ramifications for […]

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The 9 hottest jobs in IT

From machine learning engineer to multi-cloud integrator, these emerging and resurging IT roles may be your best path forward in the years to come. By Paul Heltzel CIO | AUG 16, 2021 Ingram Publishing / Getty Images Job candidates for the most in-demand IT positions are hard to land in 2021, and that’s likely to continue: Postings for […]

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6 tips for ensuring IT manager success

Are your department managers reaching their full potential? Here’s how to gain relevant insights into their performance — and to ensure necessary adjustments are made. By John Edwards CIO | AUG 9, 2021 PeopleImages / Getty Images A CIO’s success (and long-term employment prospects) largely hinges on how well individual department managers do their jobs. Since performance can’t […]

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