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10 hidden benefits of hybrid work

The hybrid workforce is here to stay. And while blending in-person and remote work has its challenges, done well it can unlock significant upside, as these IT leaders attest. By Mary K. Pratt Contributing writer, CIO  DEC 6, 2021 Fizkes / Shutterstock Nearly all studies and reports have called it: Hybrid is the way the business world […]

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What Tactics are Technologists Using to Grow Their Careers?

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights November 22, 2021 Many technologists want to grow their careers. However, it’s often difficult to determine the best pathways for growth. Should you focus on technical skills? Should you do your best to land a management position According to a new study by CompTIA, it seems that many technologists are focused on […]

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5 Keys to Managing Up Successfully in an Evolving Work Environment

Leslie Stevens-Huffman, Dice Insights November 19, 2021 Effectively “managing up” isn’t just important for your career—it can also ensure your team gets all the resources and support it needs to make projects a success.  However, managing up can prove difficult if you’re working remotely. If you spend all or part of your week only communicating with […]

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9 Big Benefits Employers Could Use to Attract You in 2022

Leslie Stevens-Huffman November 9, 2021 Now that employers know whether their employees will be working remotely or heading back to the office full-time or part-time, they’re adjusting benefit plans with an eye toward attracting and retaining skilled technologists in the year ahead. As expected, Big Tech will continue to woo top talent with impressive benefits and […]

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Project Management Still Employers’ Most In-Demand Tech Skill

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights November 8, 2021 Throughout 2021, project management has topped the list of employers’ most requested skills—and with good reason. Given the complexity of most tech-related projects, companies need technologists who can execute on a deadline while staying within budget parameters.  In addition to their technical skills, project managers who succeed in the role […]

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Do Companies Need a Director of Remote Work for This New Era?

Nick Kolakowski November 1, 2021 If your company has shifted to remote and/or hybrid work, you know that the new schedule can become quite complex. Not all team members might be present in the office at the same time; different time zones can insert additional complexity into planning meetings; and that’s before you tackle tricky […]

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9 reasons good employees leave — and how to prevent it

Talent is your biggest asset, and while you’ll never eliminate employee turnover, the following strategies can help you keep your best. By Sharon Florentine and Mary K. PrattCIO | OCT 25, 2021 2:00 AM PDT News of the Great Resignation isn’t overblown. Some 4 million people quit their jobs in July, according to the US Bureau […]

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5 Ways the Great Resignation Can Boost Your Tech Career

Leslie Stevens-Huffman, Dice InsightsOctober 18, 2021 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we’re in the midst of a “Great Resignation,” with 4.3 million additional people quitting their jobs in August. What’s more, nearly half of the tech employees we surveyed said they were likely to find a new job in 2021. Can times […]

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5 Key Tips for Technologists Figuring Out a Hybrid Work Schedule

Nick Kolakowski Dice Insights October 11, 2021 Organizations everywhere are figuring out how to best re-introduce technologists to the office. Many team leaders and executives have settled on a hybrid work schedule, which means that technologists will split their week between working from home and heading into the office. Still other companies have decided to let their employees work remotely […]

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4 Tips for Better Networking in an Era of Hybrid and Remote Work

Nick Kolakowski, Dice Insights October 4, 2021 Whether it’s virtual or in-person, networking remains a critical component in not only landing your first job, but also for nearly every job after that. Like anything else, networking is a skill that can be learned and perfected over time; in career growth opportunities alone, few skills can serve you more effectively the long term. […]

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