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Time Saving Tips to Speed Up Your Job Search

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Sometimes it seems like finding a new job takes forever, and you can start to feel hopeless. Do you feel like your job search is off to a slow start or getting stuck? If so, read on for help getting unstuck. Here are some quick time-saving job search tips that will help your hunt for a new job go smoothly.

Be Prepared

Have a voice mail system in place and sign-up for a professional sounding email address. Consider getting a separate email account to use for your job search, so you can stay organized, and check it often. Put your cell phone number on your resume so you can follow up in a timely manner.

Be More Than Prepared

Always have an up-to-date resume ready to send – even if you’re not currently looking for work. You never know when an opportunity that’s just too good to pass up might come along. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, create a LinkedIn Profile and start making connections with people who can help your job search. Take the time to implement some of these strategies that will help make your next job change a success.

Don’t Wait to File for Unemployment

If you’ve been laid-off, file for unemployment benefits right away to tide you over until you get a new job. You’ll most likely be able to file online or by phone. Waiting could delay your benefits check, so look into it right away.

Get Help Without Spending Extra Cash

Utilize free or inexpensive services that provide career counseling and job search assistance such as college career offices, state Department of Labor offices, or your local public library. Many libraries provide workshops, programs, classes, computers, and printers, as well as other resources that will help you with your job search.

Create Your Own Templates

Have copies of your resume and cover letter ready to edit. That way you can change the content to match the requirements of any job you want to apply for, but, the contact information and your opening and closing paragraphs won’t need to be changed. Microsoft Word users can download free templates for resumes, cover letters and email messages which can be personalized for your own correspondence.

Review Correspondence Examples and Samples

Even if you’re a good writer, it’s always a good idea to look at sample letters and resumes to get ideas for your own job search materials. Take a look at this collection of resume, cv, and letter samples to tailor your correspondence materials to your needs.

Use Job Search Engines

Search the job search engines to find potential openings. Use the job search engine sites to search the major job boards, company sites, associations, and other sites with job postings for you – fast. You’ll be able to search all the jobs posted online in one step. You can also use Advanced Search options to find jobs that are the closest match.

Get Job Opening Notifications by Email

Let the jobs come to you. Use job alerts to sign up for job listings by email. All the major job sites have search agents and some websites and apps specialize in sending announcements. You can choose to get updates every day or less often if you prefer.

Time Savers

Strapped for time? Consider getting professional help writing or editing your resume. You’ll spend a bit of money for these services, but that’s going to worth the professional results.

Have Your References Ready

Have a list of three references including name, job title, company, phone number, and email address ready to give to interviewers. Print a copy of your reference list and bring it with you to interviews.

Use Your Network

Be cognizant of the fact that many, if not most, job openings aren’t advertised. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work. Ask if they can help. Be appreciative of any help they give you, even if it doesn’t result in a job. You never know, they may find something for you later on.

Get Social

Utilizing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be a good way to get job listings before they are listed elsewhere. Plus, you can promote your candidacy using the social media tools that are readily available for free for job seekers. Companies are increasingly using social media for recruiting, so be ready. Here’s how to get started with social networking. This tip isn’t exactly a time saver, but, it will broaden your online job search resources.

Save Your Money

Paying for premium job listings may seem like a good strategy. However, before you spend your money, carefully research the site, what it offers, and how it can add value to your job search. Carefully check out the site to see what you’re getting for your money. Read the fine print – some of these sites only let you cancel over the phone and charge you for a full month, regardless of when you cancel. 

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