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12.04.14 Time to Quit

How do you know when it is……

            “Time to quit?

Work Observations

You are not longer included in meetings

  1. You are not invited to “social” events or development opportunities
  2. You are not given new assignments
  3. You are not asked for your opinion or ideas anymore
  4. Your manager communicates less with you, may appear to avoid you

Personal Observations

  1. You believe your overqualified for your current role
  2. You have new certifications or a degree, yet your role has not changed
  3. You have been promised opportunities that aren’t developing
  4. You notice less qualified peer has been granted new assignments
  5. You are beginning to wonder “what is happening” and are frustrated.

How can you respond?

“Make a plan!

Chances are you are not imagining these things, and are wondering what you should do.  If you feel the team or your manager has withdrawn from you it could be time to make a plan and begin to look for a new opportunity.

For technology career coaching in Ohio, feel free to reach out to me! It could be time for you to make a plan and seek a new opportunity!

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